R U Paranoid

Get some Pork-a-Like on your spork!

IntSec Commander Yuri-B, a tireless veteran of the unceasing battle against traitors (with more than a few body mods to prove it), orders the Troubleshooters to help flush out some Death Leopard thugs at the CRS Fun Time Good Eatery Biofueling commissary. Morgan-R fiddles with the food tubes. Eustace-R hacks the video feed. Conn-R clobbers a RED with his cyber-arm.

At the investigation into the citizen-led-refurbishing of the commissary, the Investigators give evidence. Myron-B, a PLC bureaucrat, offers them a job helping out with his bid for the spork contract. A pesky IntSec undercover cop, Guy-G, turns up at the focus group but is quickly dealt with by Eustace-R.

Myron-B is impressed with the success of the marketing campaign. The next step is dealing with a hiccup with the spork supply.


EricTopp EricTopp

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